How to Start a Concierge Business


“A “must read” for anyone considering starting a concierge service or wanting to make their service better.”
–Starr Concierge Services

"A very essential book with a real insider's perspective and counsel. I appreciated that it got straight to the point - what I need to know to make my service more appealing than my competitors!"
- Bradley Dervaes, Owner of Residential Concierge Service

"I tried starting a concierge service on my own but couldn’t generate enough business. There aren’t many books with strong advice on this type of service, but Janet’s book helped me re-launch my service and now business is nonstop!”
- Evelyn Boyd, Park Hill Concierge and Errand Services

"Thank you! I finally got my business up and running after putting it off for a year, fearing I didn't know how to start a concierge business. You gave me so much valuable instruction - from how to find customers to how to negotiate a contract and so on. I just wanted to say I really appreciate your advice and guidance from start to finish."
- Ryan Stuart, GoRound Concierge and Errand Service

How to Start a Concierge Business - Work from Home - in just a few hours!

Why do people choose to use a concierge service?

A concierge service is a convenient timesaver that reduces stress and increases individual productivity. It is also a means of enhancing one's lifestyle. There is virtually no limit to how much a concierge service can assist an individual or an organization. However, the main purpose of a concierge service is to simplify life. Have you or someone you know experienced a situation like the following scenarios?

You've survived a long, hard day at work. It's almost over when suddenly you're asked to work late. Of course, you have a list of things that need to be done:

Guests are coming in for the weekend and the house is a mess. There's no food to serve, and even worse, no clean dishes on which to serve it!

The pharmacy will be closed by the time you leave the office and you're out of an important prescription. You're burned out on fast food, but too tired to prepare a home cooked meal. Dry cleaning needs to be picked up for an important meeting tomorrow. Movers or service workers are scheduled to come to your home today, but you have to be at work or meet with an important client.

You've not yet purchased a gift for your anniversary but the stores will be closed long before you're able to leave the office.

In each of these situations, a personal concierge would be able to assist the individual meet the demands of her personal and professional life. One quick correspondence with a hired personal concierge service and stress is dramatically reduced, tasks completed and the day ends productive and well-managed.

Key to Start a Concierge Business or Errand Service

How to Start a Concierge Business