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How to Start a Concierge Business - Do People Want to Hire a Personal Concierge Service?


Busy people are almost always ready and willing to pay for these types of convenience services because it gives them back a very precious commodity - time.

Many years ago, I started out in this profession as an employee of a corporate concierge service that was hired by a large company to provide to their employees all types of life/work balance benefits. As part of a team of other concierges and personal assistants, we did everything from procuring event tickets to having car repairs completed before the employee was finished with work. It was a great experience that helped me launch my own concierge business that continues to reward me and my own staff to this day.

Local outreach, of course, is crucial for getting your business off the ground, but it's not as difficult as it may seem. A well-organized proposal to mid- to large-sized companies in your city, as well as hospitals and residential properties, is your best tool for communicating what you have to offer and for how much. My advice, however, would be to start small, test the waters with an errand service for individuals rather than a large corporate structure. This way you get a good idea of what types of services appeal to whom and how you should charge them based on how much value you are delivering them (think "time-reward"). Alternatively, you could also find employment with a concierge service provider and learn how things operate behind the scenes.

In my own book, Keys to Starting and Operating a Successful Concierge Business, I provide my years of experiences, both as an employee as well as owner of a concierge business, as a guideline for best practices and guaranteed success in this endeavor.

What Are Some Advantages of Starting a Concierge Business?

Advantages of Starting a Concierge Business Advantages of Starting a Concierge Business Advantages of Starting a Concierge Business Advantages of Starting a Concierge Business Advantages of Starting a Concierge Business

Thank Your Loyal Clients with a Freebie!

What is a loyalty program? Should you use one? How will you know it's working and worth it?

A loyalty program is an incentive program from which a business offers it's repeat customers and clients rewards of some form. The rewards are entirely customizable, lending to increased personalized service and attention. Customers love it (I know I do!) and it is tremendously effective.

A company may give it's customers free merchandise, complimentary services, rewards points, exclusive access or advance release products, and so on. The best rewards programs offer something memorable but not too over-the-top.

As a concierge business or errand service, you could present something useful and particular to a client that spotlights how well you know him and can identify his needs. For example, if you have a client who frequently requests ticket procurement to sporting events or concerts, you could throw in a complimentary one-time pass for parking or a gift card to a restaurant nearby that serves your client's favorite cuisine. Who wouldn't appreciate something as thoughtful and generous as that??

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