How to Start a Concierge Business

“A “must read” for anyone considering starting a concierge service or wanting to make their service better.”
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“A very essential book with a real insider’s perspective and counsel. I appreciated that it got straight to the point – what I need to know to make my service more appealing than my competitors!”
– Bradley Dervaes, Residential Concierge is an online resource that helps startups launch their concierge or errand service successfully. Visit our blog for industry news and helpful tips on how to start your concierge or errand business!

How to Start a Concierge Business

Starting your own business in any industry is never as simple as it seems.  Launching a concierge service is no exception.  Little things as simple as defining the service to answering service calls appear to be easy, almost effortless.  Unfortunately, many startups have come and gone because they held that perspective…that this business is as “easy as 1-2-3.”  Startups that would have flourished had they taken just a little more precaution and time for preparation were retired prematurely.

The ebook guide Keys to Starting and Operating a Successful Concierge Service gives you the expert advice you need to start a concierge business. If you already own a concierge business or an errand service, this guides helps owners map out a plan to provide, expand and enhance services. Entrepreneurs in search of a sound, home-based business idea will find ways to create unique opportunities in this thriving industry. As a 20 year veteran still active in the hospitality industry, my team and I currently oversee corporate and residential concierge services for several properties in Las Vegas and Arizona. The skills I've learned over the years are now compiled in one book!

In this manual, you will learn:

  • The essentials and industry secrets of not only how to start a concierge business, but also how to operate and run a successful concierge service or errand business
  • The diverse structures of personal, corporate and residential concierge services as well as business models pertinent to each
  • Step-by-step instructions for starting and operating a competitive concierge, errand or lifestyle management service
  • Methods for procuring new clients and “Getting Your Foot in the Door”
  • How to outshine your competitors
  • Valuable strategies for furthering your career as a concierge, whether as an entrepreneur or professional
  • And much more!


Start a new career as the Lifestyle Manager of your own VIP Concierge Service in just a few hours!


Former Snapchat Exec Launches Concierge Service

Emily White, the former No. 2 exec at Snapchat and Instagram, has a new startup in Los Angeles aimed at providing high-end "concierge" services for busy families, according to Fortune's Dan Primack. The startup, called Mave, was described by a source to Fortune as serving as the "chief of staff for your household." Little else is known about Mave right now. The company has a website, but the site says it's currently an invite-only beta, and that there's a waitlist. The new service would mark an intriguing new chapter for White, following her sudden departure from Snapchat in 2015 after only 16 months at the company. White is among the internet industry's most respected executives, having worked closely with Sheryl Sandberg and later overseeing Instagram's effort to build an advertising business.

Cushman Wakefield Provides Tenants at OneAmerica Tower Corporate Concierge Services

Keeping up with a popular trend in employee and commercial building tenant benefits, Cushman Wakefield offers Corporate Concierge Services to the tenants at OneAmerica Tower. Martha Sanders, Corporate Concierge, offers tickets to sporting events, upcoming musicals and other events around the city. Additional services include dry cleaning, jewelry repair, event planning, restaurant reservations, salon and spa reservations and more. Source: OneAmerica Tower - Concierge Services

Foresight Wealth Management Introduces Concierge Services Amidst String of New Hires

Foresight Wealth Management, an independent registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Sandy, UT, today introduced comprehensive concierge services to complement the firm's wealth management offering. The firm also announced three new hires, adding to its growing team. Foresight Concierge Services, headed by Stephanie Callicot, will help clients with daily needs, in areas that go well beyond finances. Tasks range from running errands and picking up prescriptions, to more complex assignments, like helping to plan for a wedding or anniversary. The concierge team will also be heavily involved in the Sandy community, with an eye on opportunities to give back to local charities and other organizations.

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